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Image by Keith Misner

Kick off your shoes!

We're excited that you're here!

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Where riding an animal cookie just seems normal. 

You made it! The only community that feels like a community. The one where you can text a friend to see if they are in town. The one where you can get advice on something your boss thinks you already know how to do. The one where you can kick off your shoes and be barefoot, even if you haven't had had a pedicure this month. 

No membership fee. No sponsors. Just plenty of opportunities to give and share, to learn and grow, to help and be helped. 

Welcome to Barefoot Business. 

What is the Barefoot Business community?

It's kind of like an API across all the other communities you pay for. It's a gathering place for the amazing people who make up the experience economy. Maybe you're in MPI or SITE or CEMA or PCMA, or maybe you are part of TechsyTalk or #Eventprofs, or maybe you're not a joiner at all, but are looking for a place to lurk and feel like a part of something. That's why we exist. No membership fees. No annual dues. Just some content, conversations, connections, and a whole lotta community love.  


I want to join the community,
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Well that was easy! You're in! Can't wait to see you at an upcoming gathering or online or however you hope to engage with us!

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