Casual conversations with incredible people about driving ROI through events.


Bringing people together for fun, shared experiences, conversation, and hugs.

Sounding Board

Small group virtual conversations. Like your very own personal advisory board.


Articles, jobs, online communities, and the industry partners that help your programs succeed.

Fabulously barefoot conversations with incredible experience economy professionals. From wellness to demand gen to full funnel event marketing, these conversations are broken into bite-sized nibblets of 5-to-7-minute ear candy. 

Sometimes hosted by Liz, sometimes by Nicole, sometimes a guest host, it's like listening in as a fly on the wall as a casual living room conversation takes place. It's all about learning and sharing and helping us all level up as revenue-driven event marketing professionals. 

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Wanna be a guest or guest host?

We love new perspectives, fresh questions, and a little bit of fiesty conversation. If you want in on it, contact Liz@thecommunityfactory.com



The Barefoot Business community gathers regularly at industry events and on our own.


From our Barefoot Business small group gatherings to our collaborations with industry colleagues like Goldcast, Bellwether, Airmeet, and Haute, we bring industry professionals together to learn, share, and connect. 


YOUR PERSONAL ADVISORY BOARD. A personal advisory board for upwardly-mobile, revenue-driven, event marketers who need actionable and on-demand counsel to drive informed strategic decision. 

Board cohorts have five members and meet monthly for 90 minutes. Your Sounding Board is guaranteed vendor-free and confidential. 

SHIFT HAPPENS. Sometimes you're going to need to make big decisions quickly, or you might find yourself needing to change everything in the moment and urgently need the help of your Sounding Board. We've built that in. Once a quarter, we'll throw up a bat signal and pull everyone in for all hands on deck around your urgent need.

SKIP THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. Although we believe in a good trip to the spa, Sound Boards are built to help you out-think your problems without having to work yourself into a nervous breakdown. And because therapy is expensive and rarely tax deductible. 

MARKET PULSE. Fast answers from sources that are not only up to date and plugged in, but are actively leading the industry and bring their experience, learnings, trends, and insights from other boards and industry research. 

RISK-REDUCTION. Bend the learning curve in your favor. Sounding Boards are facilitated with a consultative approach based on the needs of your cohort.

Sounding Boards are quarterly commitments and can be extended on a quarterly basis. Contact Nicole@thecommunityfactory.com for more information.


Looking for online communities?

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As a community, we don't believe in sponsorships - i.e. an exchange of money for logos. We hold true to our values that community is supportive and inclusive. We love to collaborate with partners who can give and receive value by contributing to the community. If your company is interested in being a guest on our podcast, supporting one of our gatherings, or contributing content as a resource to B2B Event Marketing professionals, please reach out to Nicole@thecommunityfactory.com

Thank you to Bellwether and Ibble for hosting our in-person gathering and podcast recording in Austin in August! Bellwether provided the food and hosted the podcast recordings, Ibble provided the space, the drinks, and the podcast studio!

Willwork is supporting the meals at Barefoot Business: Commune, and little do they know it, but this will totally include the Nacho Table Night we've been dying to make happen. Yaaassss!!!

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